Let me make it clear about Adult Lung Simulators

Let me make it clear about Adult Lung Simulators

Our Lung Simulators offer accurate representations of adult pulmonary mechanics. The sum total lung capability replicates a normal adult client. Whenever our twin Adult Test Lung is combined with our breathing Simulation Module (BSM), it can be utilized to produce a spontaneously breathing lung model. The addition associated with Adult Head Simulation Module (HSM-A) further expands the applications with this system that is dynamic.

Item Details

Twin Adult simulator provides a far more fully-to-scale simulation

Each lung may be separately modified for conformity and airway opposition, simulating symmetrical or lung disease that is asymmetrical

Outcomes of asymmetrical settings are demonstrably noticeable and simply supervised

Solitary Adult simulator provides a variety of simulations in an inferior package

Single Adult simulators are well suited for those dedicated to adult lung mechanics, products, and treatments

Both products can be obtained with or without PneuView electronic devices and pc computer computer software

Exactly Just Exactly How Lung Simulators Assistance


Realistically simulate client lung capacity, clinically train others on ventilator use and breathing care in a hands-on environment, and simulate unanticipated or hard situations in a protected climate.


Biomedical engineers, manufacturers, and solution businesses may use lung simulators to accomplish performance screening of technical ventilators and associated respiratory care products. Continue reading “Let me make it clear about Adult Lung Simulators”